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Klirwaterpark Resort and Hotels
Eat. Relax. Swim

Klir Waterpark Resort is the latest Waterpark Resort located in Kabilang Bakood, Guiguinto Bulacan. Just a 30 minute drive from Manila. You and your family can enjoy the latest technology of wave pool with the best ambiance and amenities a resort can offer.

Klir waterpark is a 3 hectares land surrounded with a secured concrete fence and large secured parking areas for your vehicle. It has 4 different kinds of Pools with its owned unique functions and designs. Klir also made the biggest wave pool in Luzon with the wave pool to be estimated at a size of 3,500 square meters. The resort has different types of Cottages and Functions Area Open and Air-Conditioned that can accommodate different numbers of guest.

Klir Waterpark Resort owned and developed by KLIR Construkt, a construction company that decided to develop a parcel of land and turn it into one of the most advance Waterpark Resort in the Philippines. The design and concept of the resort came from the different creative minds of engineers and family members of KLIR Construkt. The “NATURE GET AWAY” of Klir is perfect for those people who want to escape the busy areas of Metro and take a peak of worry free haven to unwind and relax without the stress of traveling too far.

It is of pride by KLIR Construct to develop a getaway which shall make you and your families visit memorable. In Klir Waterpark Resort we always want your stay be meaningful.

The Resort is an ECO friendly resort which prohibited smoking and drinking of alcoholic beverages inside the resort. Coming to Klir Waterpark Resort, a hotel surrounding the resort equipped with best comforts for your stay.


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