Rising temperature means SUMMER is just around the corner !

The kids will be out of school and it will be the perfect season to take off and have an amazing time with friends and family. And because it’s summertime I searched for some resorts where I could spend my summer with my family and friends.

I eventually stumbled upon this site where I saw the perfect resort that could give me memorable summer. Klir Water Park is the perfect resort for families and friends. You can experience fun, excitement and thrill as you engage in various activities the Resort has to offer.

Klir waterpark is a 3 hectares land surrounded with a secured concrete fence and large secured parking areas for your vehicle.

The “NATURE GET AWAY” of Klir is perfect for those people who want to escape the busy areas of Metro and take a peak of worry free haven to unwind and relax without the stress of traveling too far.

Start thinking of warm weather, cool resort a hotel surrounding the resort equipped with best comforts for your stay . You will be treated to all privileges of a memorable and meaningful vacation which include the following:

  • Latest technology wave of pool
  • Best ambiance and amneties a resort can offer
  • 4 kinds of pools with different functions and design.
  • Different cottages and functions area open and air conditioned
  • 40 hotel rooms available, from standard, deluxe to family room.

And while the Klir Water Park has set itself the best place for relaxation and rest, it can also be the top choice for you to hold your seminars, family reunions, weddings and meetings .

Let me remind you guys that Klir also made the biggest wave pool in Luzon with the wave pool to be estimated at a size of 3,500 square meters.

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