Health / Public Safety Rules

1. Klir Watepark resort is open from Monday to Sunday.

Friday – Saturday & Holidays: 8 AM to 10 PM 
Monday – Thursday except Holidays: 8 AM to 8 PM 
Sunday –  March 24 to June 17: 8 AM to 4 PM

3. Parking area is free of charge.
4. Observe proper swimming attire. (ALLOWED: Swim wear, white t-shirt, board shorts, swimming trunks, rashguard, Spandex, or nylon.) (NOT ALLOWED: Colored t-shirts, denim or maongs, underwear, basket ball shorts.
5. Guest/s is required to rent a cottage if they are 2 persons above.
6. Jumping and diving in the Pools is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
7. Firearms and deadly weapons are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
8. Alcohol, Cigarettes and Prohibited Drugs are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
9. Persons who are under the influence of alcohol and drugs will be refused entry to the Resort.
10. Our resort personnel have the authority to confiscate your cigarette, liquors or any alcoholic beverages.
11. SMOKING AREA is provided near the parking area.
12. Do not leave your valuable things unattended.
13. NO guest/s can use the swimming pools when there’s NO LIFE GUARD on duty.
14. Parents and Guardians are primary responsible for the behavior and safety of their children.
15. Children ages 10 years of age and below are not allowed to use the pools, specifically the wave pool, unless accompanied by an adult.
16. Wearing of jewelries (e.g. necklace, earrings, anklets, bracelets) and any other metal objects are NOT ALLOWED in the wave pool.
17. A cleansing shower must be taken before entering the pool.
18. Infants must wear swimsuits if in the pool. APPROVED SWIM DIAPERS ARE REQUIRED IF THEY ARE TAKEN IN THE WATER
19. No band aides or people with open wounds, stitches or skin diseases are allowed in the pool.
20. In case of minor or major injuries, immediately report it to our resort personnel. Resort clinic is located near at KLIR pavilion.
21. NO LITTERING. Dispose your garbage properly.
22. Any damages to the property of the resort due to improper use or negligence will be charge to the person/s concerned.
23. The lifeguard on duty has the authority to suspend pool privileges if rules are violated.
24. Any person who violates resort regulations is subject to disciplinary action by our personnel/staff.

Food and Beverage

1. Bringing of FOODS is allowed inside the resort.
2. No eating and drinking inside or near the pool area.
3. NO cooking of foods inside the resort or cottages. Raw foods or meats can be cook at GRILL AREA located near at KLIR canteen.
4. Glass containers are not allowed inside the resort. All bags, coolers and containers will be inspected at the entrance.
5. Bringing of sound system, speakers or any music instruments are limited.
6. The management has the right to impose its rules and regulations within the premises.

Wave schedule

Wave schedule on Fridays, Saturdays and holidays

20 to 50 people
1 X Wave (30 Minutes duration time)
3:00 PM (depending on the client’s request)

50 to 100 people
2 X Wave (30 Minutes duration time)
10:30 AM and 3:00 PM

120 people and above
3 X Waves (30 Minutes duration time)
10:30 AM, 2:00 PM, 4:00 PM

Wave schedule on Monday to Thursday

50 to 100 people
2 X Wave (30 Minutes duration time)
10:30 AM and 2:00 PM

120 people and above
3 X Waves (30 Minutes duration time)
10:30 AM, 2:00 PM, 4:00 PM

LOCATION: Located near at Sta. Rita Exit, Kabilang Bakood, Guiguinto Bulacan, Philippines

For Inquiries and Reservations, please contact:

Cellphone: 0925-500-5547
Bulacan Line – (044) 764-5543
Manila Line – (02) 404-4145
Email: [email protected]

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