I can already feel the warm air and the hotness of the sun. Oh my god! , this only means one thing “SUMMER IS COMING” .

People of all ages love summer. Imagine the fun we will have under the sun. Just by thinking about it excites me. The number one must do in everybody’s list is go swimming. It is the most common activity on warm days. The touch of water gives us the refreshing feeling after bathing in the sun.

So what i did is browse the web and guess what Ive found? The perfect summer getaway!

The Klir water park resort .which offers the biggest wave pool in Luzon with wave pool estimated 3500 sq.m . The resort has different types of cottages and function area open and air conditioned. It has 40 hotel rooms from standard, deluxe to family room. One of the reasons why I love this resort is that I don’t have to travel far just to catch waves. It has the largest technology of wave pool with the best ambiance and amenities a resort can offer. What more can we ask for it has everything from beach like waves to hassle free travel hours surely Klir water park resort will give us the most luxurious and cozy feeling at its best .

For more info we can contact them thru telephone number:

(044) 892-0227/ (044) 760-1075.

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